Bujingai: The Forsaken City Game Secrets: Tips from Experts

Bujingai: The Forsaken City Game Secrets: Tips from Experts

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is an action game released by Taito Corporation for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. Featuring an impressive combination of Japanese kamikaze martial arts and swordsmanship, this game offers players an exciting adventure. If you want to be successful in Bujingai: The Forsaken City, you should follow the tips offered by the experts below.

1. Fast and Fluent Movements

Bujingai: The Forsaken City emphasizes the importance of fast and fluid movements when directing the game’s main character, Lau Wong. You need to skillfully use skills such as attacking the enemy, jumping and running while moving. Acting with careful timing allows you to act more effectively against enemies. It is important to learn and practice basic moves at the beginning of the game.

Lau Wong’s most powerful weapon is his sword. You can destroy enemies using your sword while moving. It is important to improve your character’s movements by trying various combos and attacks.

2. Using Booster Items

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, it is important for your character to use strengthening items. These items increase your character’s HP (health points), replenishes his energy, or provides other beneficial effects. As you progress through the game, you can collect new power-ups or buy them from stores. Power-ups are vital for fighting tough enemies or completing challenging missions.

3. Strategizing the Boss Duel

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, the boss duels you will encounter during meetings can be quite challenging. Therefore, it is important to strategize during a duel. Watch the boss’s movements and avoid its attacks. Try to find its weak points and focus your attacks on those weak points. Additionally, using a shield against your enemy can also give you an advantage, so be careful to time it correctly.

Also, use Lau Wong’s special abilities during boss duels. These abilities can inflict serious damage on your enemy and make combat easier.

4. Complete Assigned Side Quests

As the game progresses, side quests or additional missions are offered. Completing these missions allows you to gain more experience in the game and improve your character’s abilities. Side quests provide extra content and items outside of the main story and increase the duration of the game. Instead of skipping these tasks, try to complete as many tasks as you can.

5. Using Game Items Well

There are many different game items in Bujingai: The Forsaken City. These items can be used to improve your character’s health, energy or abilities. For example, the health kit replenishes your character’s HP, while the energy drink replenishes your energy level.

Additionally, there are weapon and armor upgrades in the game. These upgrades increase your character’s offensive or defensive abilities. Using items strategically will help you successfully achieve more challenging objectives as the game progresses.

6. Using Map and Hint Controls

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, you can find your way using the map and hint controls. The map shows the player’s location and main story missions. The hint checker helps you understand the structure of the game and provides you with the hints you need to progress. Checking these controls regularly will give you a better understanding of your playing field and help you find your way.

Section Tips Combat Use combos to take out enemies with melee attacks. Exploration Check the map regularly and look for opportunities to discover hidden areas. Power-ups Strengthen your character by collecting power-up items from enemies or shops. Objectives Focus on the main story missions, but don’t ignore side missions and additional rewards. Duels Strategize and target enemy weak points during boss duels. Items Strategically use game items such as energy drinks, health kits and weapon upgrades.

To be successful in Bujingai: The Forsaken City, you must improve your character’s skills, use power-up items correctly and think strategically. It will also be easier to find your way by checking the map and hint checks regularly. By following these tips, you can master Bujingai: The Forsaken City and embark on an exciting adventure.

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is an exciting action game and has many different missions where players face challenging boss battles. Some tips and strategies to win these boss battles can make the players’ job easier and increase the chances of success. Here are some tips from experts:

1. Start Boss Battles by Being Well Prepared

Before entering a boss fight, it is important to prepare your character and equipment well. Look around carefully to understand the area where you will fight the boss and its attacks. Learn the boss’s strengths and weaknesses and create your strategy accordingly. It is also very important that you learn and use your character’s abilities and attack combinations well.

2. Follow the Boss’s Movements Well

Each boss has its own attack patterns, and it is important to follow these patterns well to predict their attacks. Learn what moves the boss will use to attack you, how to react, and how to escape. Keeping track of his movements will give you an advantage in dodging or blocking his attacks.

3. Increase Damage with Well-Timed Attacks

Use the moments when the boss is weak to increase your damage. Damage him with well-timed attacks and try to bypass his guard. By following the boss’s movements, you can predict his weak moments and plan your attacks accordingly. You can also deal more damage by making good use of your combination attacks.

4. Create a Good Defense Strategy

It is important to create a good defense strategy against each boss’s attacks. Make good use of blocking and parrying. By following the boss’s attacks well and blocking or parrying in time, you can negate his attacks and make return attacks. At the same time, you can use the training mode provided in the game to improve your defensive skills.

5. Collaborate

Cooperation is important, especially in tougher boss battles. If possible, you can complete boss battles more easily by cooperating with a friend or another player. Collaborating as a team, supporting each other and launching attacks together will give you an advantage.

Boss Battle Tips Boss 1: Use your Shadow Block skills well and follow his movements well. Boss 2: Blood Queen Attack with fast movements and parry her attacks. Boss 3: Fire Dragon Use his weak moments well and learn to dodge his fire attacks. Boss 4: Ice Princess Use your block abilities to block her attacks and perform return attacks.

Tips for winning boss battles in Bujingai: The Forsaken City include following each boss’s attack patterns well, preparing your character and equipment well, making well-timed attacks, improving your defensive skills, and cooperating. Using these tips, you can improve and achieve success in boss battles. Have fun!

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is an exciting action game that we play with Lau Wong, the main character of the living legend Gackt. The game’s critical moves help players neutralize enemies, giving them great advantages. In this article, we will examine strategies for using critical moves in Bujingai: The Forsaken City.

Learning the Movements

The first step to performing critical moves in Bujingai: The Forsaken City is to learn these moves. There are a variety of critical moves in the game, and each offers different advantages. You can use the game’s training mode to master the moves of your main character, Lau Wong. Training mode helps you improve your skills by repeating moves and trying different combinations.

Preparing for the Battle

One of the most important strategies for using critical moves is to be prepared for the fight. Before applying critical moves against your enemies, you should carefully observe your surroundings and enemies. By identifying its weak points and attack patterns, you can make a strategic move. Additionally, by learning which moves your enemies are vulnerable to, you can prepare effective attacks against them.

Timing and Combos

Timing is very important for the successful execution of critical movements. By pressing the buttons at the right time, you can easily perform critical moves. You can also inflict massive damage on your enemies by combining critical moves with combos. By trying different movement combinations, you can make more effective attacks against your enemies. When applying combos, remember to use moments when your enemies are vulnerable.

Using the Equipment

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, you can make critical moves using your equipment. Your equipment helps you perform powerful attacks. For example, you can inflict great damage on your enemies by spinning your sword. Additionally, you can neutralize your enemies by using equipment with various abilities. Using your equipment correctly makes critical moves more effective.

Fighting Bosses

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, it can be challenging to fight against the boss enemies you encounter. Boss enemies are stronger and more durable, so using critical moves is important. By carefully examining the attack patterns and weak points of boss enemies, you can create a strategic plan. By applying critical moves at the right time, you can inflict great damage against boss enemies and gain an advantage in defeating them.

Strategies Game Tips Learning critical moves Repeat moves using the game’s training mode. Preparing for combat Observe your enemies and identify their weak points. Timing and Combos Perform critical moves by pressing buttons at the right time. Using equipment Perform powerful attacks by using your equipment correctly. Fighting bosses Study the attack patterns of boss enemies and defeat them using critical moves.

Learning strategic ways to use critical moves in Bujingai: The Forsaken City will help you succeed in the game. Mastering the moves allows you to become a stronger character in the game and defeat your enemies more effectively. Now enjoy victory in the gaming world using the tips you learned!

Bujingai: The Forsaken City Game Secrets: Tips from Experts

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is an action-role-playing game that stands out with its exciting fight scenes and impressive story. This game not only offers players the opportunity to fight against their enemies using their imagination, but also provides the opportunity to develop characters and items. In this article, we will share with you some tips on collecting items and developing characters in Bujingai: The Forsaken City.

Collecting Items

Collecting items in Bujingai: The Forsaken City is vital to improving your character’s abilities and making them stronger. Here are some things to consider when it comes to packing:

  • Exploration: As you explore various areas in the game, look around carefully and check for hidden areas. You can find rare and powerful items in these areas. Don’t forget to look at the map, identify unexplored areas and explore them.
  • Talking to NPCs: It is important to interact with other characters you encounter in the game. Some NPCs may give you items as rewards or give you quests to obtain new items.
  • Killing Enemies: By defeating enemies, you can get the items dropped from them. Some enemies may carry rare items, so fight carefully and collect them immediately after killing them to avoid missing their items.
  • Item Analysis: Analyzing the items you find allows you to understand their properties and powers. Some items may be more powerful than others or provide special bonuses. For analysis, you can use the item screen in the menus of your character in the game.

The key to collecting items in Bujingai: The Forsaken City is careful exploration, interacting with NPCs, and defeating enemies. When collecting your items, don’t forget to choose those that suit your character’s abilities and play style.

Character Development

The development of your character in the game makes the game even more interesting and allows you to deal with stronger enemies. Here are some important points for the development of your character:

  • Experience Points: Activities such as killing enemies or completing missions earn you experience points. Experience points allow your character to level up and learn new abilities. Therefore, focus on defeating the enemies you encounter and completing the missions.
  • Skill Tree: Your character’s skill tree allows you to unlock different skills and powers. You can customize your character the way you want by using your experience points in the skill tree. For example, performing faster attacks or using powerful spells.
  • Equipment: Your character’s equipment affects his strength and durability. You can equip your character and make it stronger by using the items you find. Analyze your belongings regularly and be careful to choose the ones that best suit your character.
  • Game Style: You can use different game styles in the game. Some players focus their characters directly on their combat skills and prefer to use faster attacks, while others enhance their magic abilities. It is important to choose items and abilities that suit the play style in the game.

The development of your character is important to overcome the difficulties of the game. Earning experience points, using your skill tree, choosing appropriate equipment and correctly determining your play style make your character stronger.

Collecting Tips Character Development Tips Explore carefully and check hidden areas. Defeat enemies and complete missions to earn experience points. Interact with NPCs and complete their tasks. Customize your character using your skill tree. Collect items by defeating enemies. Analyze and update your character’s equipment regularly. Analyze the items and choose the ones that suit your character. Choose abilities and items that suit your preferred play style in the game.

In Bujingai: The Forsaken City, item collecting and character development are critical to a successful gaming experience. By taking into account the tips mentioned above, you can maximize your character’s strength and abilities and get maximum enjoyment from the game.

  • Strategize before going to the market and learn tactics to discover hidden areas of the game.
  • Thanks to the tips, you can progress through the game more effectively and find hidden areas and rewards easily.

How to Discover Hidden Areas?

Although there are secret areas in Bujingai: The Forsaken City, exploring these areas provides a great advantage for the players. Secret areas can offer useful rewards in the game, such as extra items, weapons, or special abilities. Here are some tips and tricks from experts:

Tip Tactics Investigate Carefully Everywhere in the game world can be a potential secret area. Carefully examine the walls, floors and ceilings. Architectural details and areas that differ may be signs that hidden areas may be found. Timing It Well Some hidden areas may appear in a certain sequence of actions or situations. Observe your surroundings carefully and make the right move at the right time to gain access to secret areas. Communicate You can learn tips to reach secret areas by interacting with other characters in the game. NPCs can give you valuable information and tell you the solution to cryptographic mechanisms. Use Empowered Abilities As the game progresses, your character’s empowered abilities will unlock. By using these abilities at the right time, you can gain an advantage in discovering hidden areas. For example, the high jump ability allows you to reach secret areas higher up.

Evaluation of Awards

You get various rewards when you find secret areas in Bujingai: The Forsaken City game. Correctly evaluating these rewards is important for the progress of the game. Here are some important points for evaluating the awards:

  • New Items: Secret areas may offer you new weapons, armor, or other items. Choose these items according to your character’s abilities and the progress of the game.
  • Special Abilities: Special abilities you obtain from some secret areas will give you an advantage. By using these abilities correctly, you can fight enemies more effectively or solve environmental puzzles.
  • Complex Puzzles: Secret areas are sometimes protected by complex puzzles. Solving these puzzles can earn you additional rewards or speed up your progress. Think carefully and try to solve puzzles by interacting with your environment.


Discovering hidden areas in Bujingai: The Forsaken City is a strategy that enriches the gaming experience and gives you an advantage. Careful research, correct timing and correct use of your character’s abilities will enable you to be successful in this regard. You can make the progress of the game easier by making good use of the rewards you get from secret areas. Now it’s time to uncover mysteries in the game world!

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is another great example of the video games we are addicted to. In this action-adventure game, we control Lau Wong, a special fighter fighting in medieval Japan. The secret to becoming skilled at the game is to adopt a strategic approach to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. In this article, we will review the tips shared by experts so you can play this game expertly.

Basic Tips of the Game

1. Study Enemies’ Movements: Learning enemies’ attack styles and patterns is one of the keys to defeating them effectively. You must have good timing control to avoid or block the enemy’s attacks. Remember that enemies will get stronger as the game progresses.

2. Timing Control: Timing is everything in Bujingai. You can neutralize enemies by carefully timing your attacks. You should also improve your timing ability to dodge or parry attacks.

3. Combinations: You can try different attack combinations in the game and use them expertly. You must acquire the ability to combine various movements to improve your technical abilities and make more effective movements.

Fighting Secrets

1. To Defeat Strong Enemies: Boss battles are one of the most challenging and exciting challenges in the game. To deal with these powerful enemies, you must be patient and think carefully about what strategy you should follow against them. Remember that each of their attacks has a pattern, and try to find the optimal timing to break these patterns.

2. Using Special Abilities: Lau Wong gains different abilities as the game progresses. Using these special abilities at the right time can give you a great advantage. For example, you can perform area-of-effect attacks when facing multiple enemies or use healing abilities to quickly replenish your health.

3. Using Equipment Correctly: You can find various equipment in the game. Some of these increase your attack power, while others provide defense or increase the power of your special abilities. You must use these equipment carefully and choose them according to your needs, finding the right combination to defeat enemies more effectively.

Puzzle Solving Tips

1. Observe the Environment Well: Bujingai: The Forsaken City is full of challenging puzzles. To solve these puzzles, you must look carefully at the details of the environment and discover secret passages or clues.

2. Use Your Skills: You can use the skills you gain in the game to solve puzzles. For example, you can reach high places with the ability to climb walls or overcome difficult obstacles with special moves.

3. Collaborate: You may need to cooperate with another character to solve some puzzles. Therefore, you must communicate and work together with NPC characters.


Tips Description Save Frequently Saving frequently in this game is an important part of maintaining your progress. Saving is important when you encounter particularly challenging enemies or spend time solving complex puzzles. Train It is important to train to improve your skills. You need to take time to master special moves and combinations. Use Power-Up Items Use power-up items that provide health, attack damage, or protection. These items can be of great help to you in difficult challenges.

Bujingai: The Forsaken City is a video game that tests your skills and keeps you entertained. Using these tips, you can master the game and develop the strategic skills needed to complete Lau Wong’s adventure.

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