Hidden Stories and Easter Eggs in Homefront: The Revolution

Hidden Stories and Easter Eggs in Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution is a game full of hidden stories, surprises and Easter Eggs. In this article, we will talk in detail about the secret stories, interesting surprises and Easter Eggs found in various parts of the game.

Throughout the game, you can discover various hidden stories. These stories can be explored during side quests or main quests and increase the depth of the game world.

  • White Rose Story: This story is about the resistance movement in the game. It tells about a resistance group called White Rose and shows their struggle against the North Korean occupation.
  • Resistance Museum: In the game, you can explore the Resistance Museum, a museum founded by the resistance. This museum contains many secret stories and documents about the history of the resistance.
  • The Voice of Freedom: This undercover story tells about a radio station broadcasting propaganda. You can find this radio station in the game and listen to the broadcasts of the resistance.

The game also contains many interesting Easter Eggs. These Easter Eggs allow players to have different experiences and make the game world even more enjoyable.

  • The Walking Dead: Homefront: The Revolution references the famous television series The Walking Dead as an Easter Egg. In the game, you can find some of the characters and references of The Walking Dead.
  • Red Dawn: You can find a reference to the movie Red Dawn in the game. Red Dawn is known as a movie about North Korea’s invasion of the United States.
  • Battletoads: An old video game, Battletoads appears as an Easter Egg in Homefront: The Revolution. In the game world you can find an arcade and play Battletoads there.

In addition, Homefront: The Revolution also has some hidden items. Discovering these items gives players extra experiences.

  • Hidden Blueprints: You can find blueprints called Blueprints in various secret areas and missions in the game. These blueprints allow you to craft new weapons and equipment.
  • Secret Rooms: There are some secret rooms in the game. When you find these rooms, you can obtain new weapons, bullets or other useful items.
  • Hidden Collectibles: Homefront: The Revolution includes many different collectibles. When you collect these items, you can better understand the depths of the game world and the background stories of the characters.


Homefront: The Revolution is an exciting game full of secret stories, Easter Eggs and hidden items. Secret stories such as the White Rose story and the Resistance Museum allow you to explore the depths of the game world. Easter Eggs such as The Walking Dead and Red Dawn add an extra atmosphere to the game, while activities such as playing Battletoads provide players with fun experiences. You can also obtain more powerful weapons and equipment by discovering hidden items such as Hidden Blueprints, Secret Rooms and Hidden Collectibles. Finding these surprises hidden in each area and mission of the game will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Secret Stories Easter Eggs Hidden Items White Rose Story The Walking Dead Hidden Blueprints Resistance Museum Red Dawn Secret Rooms The Voice of Freedom Battletoads Hidden Collectibles

Homefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter video game. In the game, which mostly deals with the theme of alternative history, you join the resistance movement after North Korea invades the United States and fight to liberate the city of Philadelphia. Apart from the basic story and gameplay of the game, Homefront: The Revolution includes a number of hidden stories and Easter Eggs waiting to be discovered.

What is Easter Egg?

Easter Egg is the name given to surprise content hidden in video games or movies, waiting to be discovered. They are, in a sense, hidden stories within the game or movie. They are used to surprise and entertain players, or sometimes to make references to other cult works.

Hidden Stories in Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution contains many hidden stories and details waiting to be discovered, especially as you navigate the city of Philadelphia. These hidden stories allow players to explore the game world more deeply and increase their interest in the game.

easter eggs

There are also many Easter Eggs in Homefront: The Revolution. These in-game surprises are a great pleasure for players who pay attention to details and are willing to explore the game world. Here are some examples of Homefront: The Revolution Easter Eggs:

1. Golden Gate Bridge

In one part of the game, players can find a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge. This is a strange detail in North Korean-occupied Philadelphia and has been the subject of frequent speculation among players.

2. Crysis Room

Some players have come across a room in Homefront: The Revolution that could be considered a reference to a famous video game called Crysis. Crysis logos and other details surprise those who discover this secret room.

3. “Wolverines!” Graffiti

In one part of the game, players shout “Wolverines!” They may come across a wall graffiti with the following text: This references the famous action movie “Red Dawn” and fits in with the game’s alternate history theme.

4. Butterflies

Another Easter Egg waiting to be discovered in the open world is butterflies. When players go to a certain location and wait for a certain amount of time, they will notice butterflies flying around. This detail is a small detail that enhances the atmosphere in the game.


Homefront: The Revolution offers players a great discovery experience with its secret stories and Easter Eggs. By examining the details in the city of Philadelphia, you can discover the hidden stories of an unusual game world. These secret stories in Homefront: The Revolution add a different dimension to the game and give gamers unforgettable moments.

Homefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter game developed by Dambuster Studios and published by Deep Silver. This game takes place in an alternative future scenario where North Korea invades the United States. Besides the main scenario, the game has many hidden stories and characters. In this article, we will take a detailed look at the secret stories and Easter Eggs found in Homefront: The Revolution.

Secret Stories

Homefront: The Revolution includes many hidden stories to engage players in in-depth world-building. These hidden stories enrich the game’s universe and help players discover the origins of events and the backgrounds of the characters. Some of these are:

  • Dex and Ethan: Dex and Ethan are a bonded pair of undercover agents. You can see or hear them during the main campaign, but you must interact with them to complete a secret story arc.
  • Jack Parr: Jack Parr is a resistance leader who helps the main character Ethan Brady and gives him various missions. You should spend more time with it to dive deeper into the game’s hidden story.
  • The Voice: The Voice is a mysterious radio communicator who speaks into the player’s ear. It provides the player with secret missions and side stories.

These hidden stories allow the player to go beyond the main campaign and further explore the game world.

Easter Eggs

In Homefront: The Revolution, the developers have added many Easter Eggs to the game. These Easter Eggs are intended to entertain players, often with references to pop culture or other video games. Here are some examples:

Easter Egg Description Psycho is a character with a storage room similar to that used by Ramsay Bolton in the Game of Thrones series. Mr. Homer’s own snow removal company, Mr. Plow, from The Simpsons. Contains several references to Plow. Street Fighter There are many references to the Street Fighter series, which is famous in the gaming world, and there are posters of the characters of this series in the playgrounds.

These Easter Eggs make the game’s world more fun and provide players with nostalgic or familiar references.

Homefront: The Revolution offers players a deeper gaming experience with secret stories and Easter Eggs. These hidden stories create a world beyond the main campaign, while Easter Eggs are used to entertain players and tie in with other gaming or pop culture references. These items allow players to explore the game in more detail and provide additional content. Homefront: The Revolution offers an unforgettable experience for game lovers thanks to these secret stories and Easter Eggs.

Hidden Stories and Easter Eggs in Homefront: The RevolutionHomefront: The Revolution is an exciting action-adventure game filled with lots of hidden stories and Easter eggs. In this article, we will examine in detail some of the challenging Easter eggs found in this game. These tips and suggestions will help players discover hidden contents and make their gaming experience even more fun.1. ‘Code Snippets’ Easter egg: One of the most challenging Easter eggs in Homefront: The Revolution is ‘Code Snippets’. To find this Easter egg, you must first carefully explore the world of the game. In the game, code snippets are scattered in various different areas, and you can solve the codes by collecting these snippets. This is specifically a multiplayer feature where players come together to communicate and complete a large puzzle by combining passwords. This Easter egg is very difficult to find and players need to help each other.2. ‘Alternate History’ Easter egg: Since Homefront: The Revolution is a game set in an alternative history, there are some interesting alternative history references. One of these Easter eggs are the propaganda posters within the game. These posters feature events and figures modified from real history. Players are encouraged to examine these posters carefully and find and appreciate these alternate history references.3. ‘Hidden Character’ Easter egg: There are also some hidden characters in Homefront: The Revolution. One of these is a secret resistance leader that players must discover, which evolves based on the game’s main story. To find this character, you need to follow certain clues that you will need to interact with as you complete quests and explore the world. Exploring this Easter egg offers players the opportunity to better understand the depths of the game and uncover alternative stories.4. ‘Destroyed City’ Easter egg: In Homefront: The Revolution, you have the opportunity to explore the city of Philadelphia, which was destroyed after a nuclear attack. To find this Easter egg, you need to search for hidden sections and passages in the game world. In these areas, you can find ghostly traces of old Philadelphia. There are many puzzles and secret passages that players must examine and discover in detail.5. ‘Alternative Game Modes’ Easter egg: Homefront: The Revolution offers some alternative game modes in addition to the traditional game modes. To find this Easter egg, you need to discover a hidden option in the main menu. This option allows players to try different game modes and have innovative experiences. This is Easter egg, It increases the replayability of the game and gives players more options. As a result, Homefront: The Revolution offers a gaming experience filled with challenging Easter eggs and secret stories. Finding these Easter eggs offers players the opportunity to better understand the game’s depths and alternative stories. By following the tips and suggestions mentioned above, players can discover these hidden contents and further enrich their gaming experience.—Tags:



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    Mysterious Transformation: Hidden Details in Homefront: The RevolutionHomefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter game that fascinates players with its cinematic atmosphere and provocative story. However, there are also hidden details and easter eggs behind the game. In this article, we will discover hidden stories in Homefront: The Revolution and reveal details that players have overlooked.

    Hidden Faces of the Story

    Homefront: The Revolution has a story set in occupied America. But behind the game, there are hidden stories and characters beyond the main story. Many small details present the world in the game in a deeper and more realistic way. For example, the secret conversations you can hear while wandering the streets give clues about the NPCs’ stories and further enrich the game world.

    On the Trail of Easter Eggs

    Homefront: The Revolution offers a full experience for easter egg hunters. These small details, hidden in every corner of the game world, offer players secret messages, references and pleasant surprises. For example, a propaganda poster hidden behind a wall or a secret thought accidentally expressed by an NPC… All these make the time we spend in the game more enjoyable and we experience the excitement of never knowing what we will encounter.

    Hidden Details

    There are countless details waiting to be discovered in Homefront: The Revolution. We wanted to reveal some important details that players may have overlooked, because these details can make the gaming experience more impressive and unforgettable. Here are a few examples:

    • Did you know that the brands of machine guns in the game have real-world historical references? For example, a weapon referred to as “KF-74” may be said to be similar to the “AK-47” used in the Korean War.
    • A few conversations you will hear frequently in the game take us to the real world. Covert references are made about political events and social problems in the United States.
    • There are secret rooms and passages hidden in subway stations and underpasses. In these rooms, you can search for items and begin to delve into the deeper layers of the game world.
    • When you complete quest chains linked to certain NPCs, you will discover unforgettable stories. These stories go beyond the main story and further expand the game world.


    Homefront: The Revolution appears as a game that attracts the attention of players with its secret stories and easter eggs. The details behind the game world offer us a richer experience. In this article, information was given about the characters, conversations and details that remained hidden beyond the main story. Don’t forget that there are many more surprises to be discovered deep within Homefront: The Revolution. Keep your eyes and ears open while playing the game so you don’t miss any details as you explore the hidden world.

    Homefront: The Revolution is a first-person shooter game developed by Deep Silver Dambuster Studios in 2016. Set in an alternative future where North Korea invaded America, the game offers players an immersive story and is also full of secret stories and Easter eggs. In this article, we will explore some hidden story clues and Easter eggs found in Homefront: The Revolution.

    1st Freedom Memorial

    The Freedom Memorial in the game stands out as a monument erected in memory of the Americans who resisted the North Korean occupation. However, an attentive player may discover an interesting clue if they look closely at the signs around the monument. One of the signs reads “For whom?” next to the actual date, “July 4, 1776.” It bears the inscription. This clue suggests that the North Korean invasion challenges America’s values ​​of independence.

    2. “Hover Cult” Album

    Did you know that there is a bunch of songs in the game that you can hear when you hit the ring? These songs are an alternative version of the songs of the real-world band Joy Division. One of the most important reasons why they are included in the game is to emphasize the emotional atmosphere of Homefront: The Revolution.

    3. War Ship Sinking

    While a warship is sinking during a mission in the game, an attentive player may discover an interesting clue if they pay attention to the sign on the ship. On the currency, you will see the words “Imperialist Erosya”. This is used as a reason for North Korea to declare war on America. At the same time, this clue shows North Korea’s propaganda and manipulation tactics in the game.

    4. Albert Einstein Posters

    The game features attractively placed Albert Einstein posters. These posters are used to criticize the North Korean propaganda machine. “Understanding life, philosophy and nuclear physics is still meaningless,” one poster reads. This is a clue that North Korea is trying to suppress scientific knowledge.

    5. Secret Communications of the Giant Organization

    Secret messages are hidden in the chats of North Korean soldiers in the game. For example, one North Korean soldier says to another, “I must present five roses to the Supreme Leader.” This is a message that emphasizes loyalty to the North Korean leader. It should be noted that similar messages can be found at different points in the game.

    6. Message Found in the Graveyard

    If you look around carefully in a cemetery in the game, you may discover an interesting inscription on a tombstone. It reads “March 15, 2024 / They died for this.” This may be a tribute to those who lost their lives for the American resistance.

    7. Changes in North Korean Logos

    Changes have been made to some North Korean logos in the game. For example, the “Seoul Express” logo you will see in a subway station at the beginning of the game has been changed to “Seoul Streetcar”. This may reflect an alternate reality in which North Korea invades America.

    8. Files Hidden with Passwords

    Electronic items found in various places in the game can be broken. Some of these items contain confidential files. To access confidential files, passwords must be decrypted. This further deepens the hidden messages and story given in the game.


    Homefront: The Revolution is a game full of secret stories and Easter eggs. The above mentioned are just a few examples, the game has many hidden details to discover. Each clue is a piece that reveals the game’s alternate reality and the inner world of the American resistance fighting against the North Korean occupation. By discovering these clues and Easter eggs, players can get closer to the game’s deeper story.

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