In-Game Quest Sequence and Progression in Sekiro

In-Game Quest Sequence and Progression in Sekiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game developed and published by FromSoftware. Players must use their fighting skills to defeat enemies and complete missions to advance the story. In this article, we will talk in detail about the in-game quest sequence and progression in Sekiro.

Order of Tasks

Sekiro offers players a variety of quests to advance the main story. Some of these tasks are a natural sequence, while others are side missions.

  • Introductory Mission: At the beginning of the game, the main character Wolf is tasked with protecting the Shinobi Lord’s life. After completing this mission, the main story becomes even deeper.
  • Chapter Quests: The game takes place in different regions and certain tasks must be completed to reach each region. For example, to reach Ashina Castle, you may first need to complete quests in the Hirata Estate area.
  • Boss Battle: As part of the main story, players must fight various bosses. These battles have an important role in advancing the story and are sometimes the key to reaching the area.
  • Side Missions: Besides the main story, there are also side missions that can be played. These missions allow players to gain more experience and provide the opportunity to explore the game world more deeply.

The order of the missions helps the player explore the game world and understand the story. It also unlocks abilities needed to advance in the game and prepare for tougher battles.


Various elements must be taken into account to progress in Sekiro. Players can increase their power in different ways, such as defeating enemies, earning skill points, and discovering items.

Improving Fighting Abilities

Since Sekiro is a game primarily based on fighting skills, it is important to level up the skills. Players earn skill points as they defeat enemies and can use these points to learn new skills in Wolf’s skill tree. For example, you can improve stealth skills, learn new fighting combinations, or gain abilities that can help teammates.

Unlocking More Abilities

In Sekiro, certain items or items may be needed to unlock some abilities. For example, gaining a tool such as a grappling hook, which allows you to jump from a higher height, can make accessing some areas easier. Players can also find useful items such as health or mail healing items.

Exploring Chapters and Finding Hidden Areas

Many regions in the game world are full of secret areas that players can explore. Secret areas may contain additional abilities, new items, or markers for side quests. It is important to be careful and look around for clues while exploring the level.

Big Boss Battles

In Sekiro, fighting powerful bosses is part of main quests and the key to progress. Boss battles can often be challenging and complex, so it’s important to analyze enemies and use the right strategy. As players complete boss battles, the story progresses and they prepare themselves for even more challenging battles.

Area Quest Hirata Estate Quest to reach Genichiro Ashina Sunken Valley Quest to research the flower and heart tree that will defeat the Great Serpent Sunken Valley Passage Quest to advance to Gun Fort

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice offers players an enjoyable and action-packed gaming experience. In-game quests are full of interesting storytelling and challenging bosses. In this article, we discussed in detail the order of the missions and the progression strategies in the game.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. Players take control of a marksman known as Wolf in the game and travel through a world full of challenging enemies. Progression and storytelling in the game requires completing various tasks. In this article, we will cover tips on finding and completing quests in Sekiro.

Finding Quests

Finding quests in Sekiro is accomplished by navigating the game world and talking to NPCs. Main quests are important for advancing your character’s story. Side quests offer additional items, abilities and challenging battles.

Here are some tips to consider for finding tasks:

  • Talk to NPCs in the game world. Many NPCs give quests or direct you to new areas.
  • Look around you carefully. Some missions have secret or mysterious starting points.
  • Read the inscriptions around. Some quests provide clues that will show you the location of new quests.
  • Some quests occur in response to the actions of NPCs or enemies. Be careful and watch your surroundings.

Completing Tasks

Completing missions in Sekiro may require fighting tough enemies, solving puzzles, or collecting certain items. Completing quests helps the player advance their abilities, access new items, or progress through the game world.

Here are some tips to consider when completing tasks:

  • Make sure you have sufficient skills and equipment. Some missions require fighting tough enemies.
  • Focus on main missions without getting stuck in side missions. Main quests are important for you to progress the story.
  • Read the tips or guides carefully. In some tasks, you may need hints or following a certain order to perform certain steps.
  • Look carefully at the environment around you. Some missions require the use of secret paths, passages or objects.
  • Save regularly during missions. If you make a mistake while taking steps forward, it will be easier for you to restore from your save.

Task Sequence and Progression Example

Below is an example of a typical quest sequence and progression in Sekiro:

Quest Name Quest Description 1. Main Quest: Defeat Genichiro Go to Ashina Castle to defeat the enemy named Genichiro. 2. Side Quest: Locate the Lost Swords Find the lost swords by tracking the lost swords on the Ancient Path. Main Quest 3: Reborn by the Black Dog Escape after being punished by the Black Dog and advance the story. 4. Side Quest: Collect Healing Potions Support your health by collecting healing potions. 5. Main Quest: Be Careful of the Moles Fight against the moles and continue advancing through the Senpou Shrine.

The quests shown in this example will help you progress through the Sekiro game and lead you to new areas.

Overall, finding and completing quests in Sekiro allows you to get the most out of the game. By following the missions, you progress the story, gain new abilities and become better prepared against challenging enemies. Good luck!

Developed by FromSoftware and winner of many awards, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice offers players an unforgettable experience with its unique atmosphere and immersive game structure. In this game, which blends Japanese mythology and samurai culture, we encounter challenging bosses while accompanying the adventure of our main character, Wolf Shinobi.

Progression of In-Game Quests:

  • Area Exploration: One of the most important features of Sekiro is that the game world is detailed and mysterious. While following the main missions, it is very important to explore the environment and explore the different areas within it. You can find mini bosses and treasure chests in these areas.
  • Main Quests: Main quests are the sections that enable players to progress the story and obtain great rewards. Pursuing main quests helps unlock new abilities and tools.
  • Auxiliary Quests: Many NPCs in the game world offer helpful quests to help you or earn additional rewards. Completing these quests helps discover items that will strengthen your character.
  • Mysterious Creatures: Sometimes you may encounter mysterious creatures that you need to prepare carefully to complete your main quests. Unraveling these creatures’ strategies and finding their weak points can bring success.

Strategies to Fight Tough Bosses:

In Sekiro, bosses are the most important elements that increase the difficulty level of the game. Some of these bosses offer a truly groundbreaking challenge, while others can be easily defeated with tactical approaches. Here’s a look at the strategies you can use to deal with tough bosses:

Boss Name Strategies Genichiro Ashina It is important to block attacks using your shield and then counter attack. You can avoid distributor attacks by using your high jump ability. Lady Butterfly It is an effective strategy to constantly stay on the move, using your mobility to the maximum to deal with moving enemies. You can also hit the enemy at their weak points by frequently using blocks and counterattacks. Guardian Ape First, it is important to analyze the boss’s attack patterns. Attacking by targeting its weak points and using recovery items at the right time will help you deal with the boss. Isshin, the Sword Saint This final boss is one of the game’s toughest and most challenging enemies. Well-timed blocks and counterattacks are the key to weakening his attacks. Managing your medications well and attacking strategically increases your chances of success.

The strategies mentioned above are just an example for dealing with eight challenging bosses. Each boss has its own unique abilities and weak points, so you will have to try and find them in the game. At the same time, unlocking the abilities in the Survivor’s skill tree and using the items correctly are of great importance in the fights.

The in-game quest sequence and progression in Sekiro offers players the exploration of a wide world as well as challenging boss fights. Understanding boss strategies, improving your skills and working patiently will enable you to be successful in these challenges. Good luck!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action-adventure game developed by FromSoftware and released in 2019. It is vital to improve your character, increase their abilities and progress in this challenging game. In this article, we’ll detail what you need to do to advance character development in Sekiro.

1. Improve Attacks and Abilities

As a first step, you need to improve your character’s attack abilities. To do this, you need to access the “Attack Upgrade” menu and choose among abilities such as obstacle dodge, fatal blow, scissors-rock and many more. By using these abilities, you can make your character stronger, discover various attack combos and gain superiority over your enemies.

You can also strengthen your character’s prosthetic arm features from the “Prosthetic Upgrades” menu. These features have special abilities that you can use against enemies and can give you a great advantage during battle.

2. Study Enemies and Determine Strategy

One of the most important features of Sekiro is that you study your enemies and strategize against them. Each enemy has different weak points and move sets, so it’s important to recognize them. You will encounter various challenges as the game progresses, but you will have to try different approaches to overcome each challenge.

Carefully monitor your enemies’ attack patterns and movements and adjust your strategy accordingly to meet them effectively. For example, some enemies may be in a phase where obstacle jumping will not be effective, but poison attacks will weaken them. So observe the enemies carefully and decide the right strategy against them.

3. Use Innocence Points

In Sekiro, you earn points for defeating enemies and completing missions. These points are converted into “freedom points” that you can use to improve your character. Threadlessness points can be used to increase the health bar and health recovery ability.

You can also strengthen your character by using the “stringlessness tree”. In this tree there are various skills that improve the character’s characteristics and provide new abilities. For example, you can unlock abilities like “deal more damage” or “jump obstacles faster.” By using your ropelessness points carefully, you can make your character more prepared for the challenges of the game.

4. Get Spare Costumes and Equipment

Another way to improve your character is to get spare costumes and equipment. Different costumes and equipment can strengthen your character in different ways and give you an advantage during battle.

For example, a costume like the “Shadow Mantle” can make your character less noticeable in battles and reduce enemies’ attacks. You can also use different equipment for your prosthetic arm. For example, a “fire gun” can deal fire damage to your enemies, while a “ninja fish” gives you more oxygen and allows you to stay underwater longer.

5. Interact with Skilled NPCs

In Sekiro, interacting with powerful and skilled NPCs can also help you develop your character. These NPCs can offer you new abilities, equipment or quests.

For example, the NPC named “Reptilian-Handler Hanbei” offers you practice to improve your combat skills. By training with him, you can perfect your attack combinations, timing of jumps and lethal blows. You can also improve your character and obtain new abilities by completing side quests.


Advancing character development in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice helps you succeed against the game’s challenges. Improving attacks and abilities, examining enemies and strategizing, using ropelessness points, obtaining spare costumes and equipment, and interacting with skilled NPCs are just a few of them. With the tips you get from this article, you will be able to become a stronger and more successful katana knight in the world of Sekiro!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is an action game developed by FromSoftware that takes players into an exciting samurai adventure. While you control the main character, Knight Sekiro, in the game, you have to progress by completing the tasks given to him. In this article, we will give detailed information about the sequence of main missions in Sekiro and how to complete them.

Game Start and First Missions

When the game begins, we watch Knight Sekiro awaken and remember his own past. Our first task is to gain control of the main character and reach the Ashina settlement. This area is the first step to starting Sekiro’s main quests.

The first missions are usually designed to teach players the game mechanics and help them develop basic skills. These first missions within the main mission sequence are important to introduce players to enemy types, teach them how to use combat techniques, and help them expand the character’s skill tree.

Intermediate and Advanced Quests

As we progress into the game, we encounter more challenging tasks. These missions, which are included in the main mission sequence, are designed to test the players’ skills and allow them to dive deeper into the game world. For example, tasks such as destroying all enemies in an area or finding and killing a specific target are included in this category.

Intermediate and advanced missions reward players with rewards such as new items, weapons, and skill points. These rewards help the character increase his power level and accomplish more challenging missions.

Boss Battles and Special Missions

Sekiro is famous for its unforgettable boss battles. Some missions within the main quest line require facing deadly enemies. These boss battles are among the most exciting moments of the game, challenging players’ skills and presenting a great challenge.

Additionally, special quests are also included within the main quest line. These missions offer players the opportunity to explore secret areas, interact with new characters, and achieve alternative endings. Special missions increase the replayability of the game and give players different experiences.

Last Mission and Completion

The final quest in the main quest sequence is designed for Sekiro the Knight to complete the main story and end the game. This mission is usually the most challenging and complex and requires players to use all their skills and knowledge.

After completing the last mission, players watch the final scene of the game and learn the ending of the main story. In Sekiro, there are many different endings, and the decisions players make and the tasks they complete affect how the ending is shaped.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice offers players an exciting experience with its challenging missions and unforgettable boss battles. The main quest sequence is heavily designed so that players can progress through the game world and complete the story. In this article, information was given about the sequence and progression of the main missions in Sekiro and a gaming experience that reflects the enjoyable atmosphere of the game was presented.

Developed by FromSoftware and released in 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice offers players a challenging action-role-playing experience. This game invites you to a unique world that tests your combat skills and focuses on the story of the swordsman Knightolf. To progress in Sekiro, you need to explore certain areas and complete the main missions of the original story.

Beginning of the Game: Ashina is Occupied

The game takes place during the Empire of Japan and begins with the prologue section “Ashina Occupied”. In this episode, the main character, Savior Wolf, is in charge of a castle belonging to Ashina. His mission is to rescue the Young Lord who has been kidnapped by Collector Genichiro. This section is designed to teach players basic game mechanics and defeat enemies.

Mission Line: Defeat the Invaders

After players complete the “Ashina Under Occupation” chapter, the story progresses and Savior Wolf’s new goal is to reach the Ashina castle, where Genichiro is leading the invaders. At this point, players must complete a series of tasks to reach the Ashina castle. These quests are filled with various challenges, such as the Annual Festival quest, the Gathering in the Ancient Forest quest, and defeating the Guardian Knights Ninjas.

After this, players travel to the Mountain Temple to rescue Minamoto’s son. This mission requires players to fight against deadly enemies and a trap-filled temple. With the challenge of solving challenging battles and puzzles in the temple, players continue to progress and eventually successfully complete the mission.

Continue the Main Story: Researching and Improving

As you progress through Sekiro, it is important to improve your character’s skills and equipment, as well as the main quests. Hence the use of a browser in the End of the Zone setting. In this mission, players explore Senpou Temple, where they will find new paths and stronger enemies. In the temple, they must fight Nyctophobic Pilgrims and interact with Sacred Jars. They also learn new skills and abilities at the Keyed Temple located in the Temple Grounds.

To continue their progress, players must complete Arch Knight Gygy’s War and make their way to the Temple Peak. The challenges and enemies of reaching the Temple Peak will test and further develop players’ skills. After completing this mission, the main story starts the next stage.

Journey to Different Regions: From the Dark Land to the Pearls

In the game, it is possible to travel to different regions as well as the main story. For example, players go to Feyizli Orman to go to the Black Realm. The Black Realm is a region invaded by creatures from the outside world and requires players to fight powerful enemies.

After completing this region, players can move on to the Pearls region. The Pearls region is a place where players will confront the evil Master Nature and begin the next phase of the story in Shinobi Village. In this episode, players travel to key locations in Shinobi Village to complete missions.

Completing the Main Story: Boss Battles and Final Mission

As the game progresses, Savior Wolf’s goals and missions become more complex. Overcoming boss battles in different areas requires players to use their skills and tactics. These challenging battles are essential for you to complete the main story of the game.

Finally, it is important to defeat enemies, complete quests, and improve your skills in order to progress in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and complete the main story. Traveling to different regions and fulfilling various objectives in the game will give you a unique experience and allow you to discover the story of Knightolf.

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