Rebirth of the Legendary Soldier Rogue Trooper Redux

Rebirth of the Legendary Soldier Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper, one of the unforgettable characters of 2000 AD, is returning to the science fiction world. Rogue Trooper Redux is a remastered video game that tells the story and adventures of our popular soldier with a modern approach. In this article, you will find information about the details and game experience of Rogue Trooper Redux.


Rogue Trooper is a genetic super soldier. In the story, which takes place on the planet Nu-Earth, which is surrounded by the Nortians, he fights with his blue-skinned battle friends Helm, Gunnar and Bagman, who are resistant to the poisonous atmosphere of the planet. Rogue Trooper sets out to liberate Nort-occupied Nu-Earth in efforts to restore the collapsed government.


Rogue Trooper Redux offers players the opportunity to explore the world through the eyes of the Rogue Trooper, thanks to its third-person shooter game mechanics. The game includes tactical moves and different weapons that can be used strategically against enemies to create an action-packed battle atmosphere.

In this remastered version, many improvements have been made both in terms of visuals and gameplay, unlike the original 2006 production. While the renewed graphics make the world of Rogue Trooper even more impressive, the game’s controls have been redesigned in a user-friendly way.


Rogue Trooper Redux has some important innovations compared to the original game. Some of these are those:

  • Improved visuals and revamped character models
  • Remastered control scheme
  • New game modes and difficulty levels
  • A new interface used to follow the resources at the bottom of the screen
  • Updated AI enemies

These innovations allow players to explore the world of Rogue Trooper more deeply and experience an enhanced gaming experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Rogue Trooper Redux, unlike the original game, also includes a multiplayer mode in the remake version. In this mode, you can explore various multiplayer game options with your friends or other players. You can test yourself against other players by participating in team-based battles.


Rogue Trooper Redux aims to attract both old fans and new players with its renewed graphics and improved gameplay. The Rogue Trooper legend comes alive again with the iconic character, restructured game mechanics and compelling story.

Developer Publisher Platforms TickTock Games Rebellion Developments Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Rogue Trooper Redux was released on October 17, 2017 and was met with great interest by gamers. It is highly recommended that you try Rogue Trooper Redux to experience the rebirth of this legendary character.

Rogue Trooper Redux is a remake of the original Rogue Trooper game, released in 2006. This action-packed game follows the adventures of Rogue, a genetic super soldier on the battlefield. Rogue Trooper Redux offers a great innovation in terms of both game mechanics and visual innovations. In this article, we will cover the exciting world, strategy experience and achievements of Rogue Trooper Redux in detail.

An Unforgettable Story

Rogue Trooper Redux features a breathtaking story set on the planet Nu-Earth. Rogue fights alongside the consciousness of her three genetically modified friends, Gunnar, Bagman and Helm. While Rogue confronts her enemies, she also tracks down her friends’ betrayal and fights to bring justice to her people.

The story is presented with deep characters, interesting turning points and a gripping narrative. Players dive deeper into Rogue’s inner world and the devastating effects of war. In this way, Rogue Trooper Redux offers gamers an unforgettable story experience.

Strategy and Tactics

Rogue Trooper Redux is not just an action-packed shooter, it is also a game that requires you to make important decisions based on strategy. To survive on the battlefield, it is necessary to defeat enemies, use the environment and communicate well with teammates.

Using Rogue’s abilities, players can stealthily take out enemies, gain tactical advantages, and use a variety of weapons and equipment to succeed. At the same time, Rogue can improve weapons, gadgets, and equipment using the dead bodies of her teammates.

These strategic decisions also become more important as the story progresses, game mechanics and difficulty levels increase. Players must avoid enemies’ traps, attack with the right timing, and use their strategic features correctly. These strategy-oriented game mechanics make Rogue Trooper Redux an unforgettable strategy experience for players.

Remastered Images

Rogue Trooper Redux completely revamps the graphics of the original game, providing players with a visually stunning experience. Thanks to revamped character models, detailed environments and brand new visual effects, players are fully immersed in the dangerous world of Nu-Earth.

Additionally, the sound design of the game has been completely renewed. New sound effects, music and professional voice actors make players fully feel the atmosphere of Rogue Trooper Redux. These visual and audio innovations make Rogue Trooper Redux a more realistic and immersive experience.


Rebirth of the Legendary Soldier: Rogue Trooper Redux stands out as a game that offers an unforgettable strategy experience. It draws players in with its in-depth story, strategy-oriented game mechanics and renewed visuals. Rogue Trooper Redux appears as a production that we can recommend to gamers who love action and strategy. This remake offers a nostalgic experience for those who loved the original game, while also drawing new players into the Rogue Trooper universe. Get ready to dive into the battlefield now to try out Rogue Trooper Redux!

Rogue Trooper Redux is a modern remake of the original Rogue Trooper game from 1996. This video game tells the challenging story of Rogue Trooper, a military super soldier. Players embark on an exciting adventure as they lead the Rogue Trooper to ensure Justice on the planet Nu-Earth.

Rebirth of the Rogue Trooper

The original Rogue Trooper game is based on a comic book series that was published in 2000 AD magazine and has a huge following. Series creators Gerry Finley-Day and Dave Gibbons designed the Rogue Trooper to be a unique character. The popularity of the series also resonated in the gaming world, and it was revived by Rebellion Developments under the name Rogue Trooper Redux.

Rogue Trooper Redux offers a revamped version of gameplay mechanics, storytelling and graphics. Players must fight their enemies and make strategic decisions as they pursue Justice on the planet Nu-Earth. The Rogue Trooper is a semi-machine soldier with three genetically modified pieces of military equipment: Rogue’s gun, Rogue’s suitcase, and Rogue’s hat. These three pieces of equipment allow players to gain tactical advantages and provide unique abilities that differentiate the Rogue Trooper from other soldiers.

Nu-Earth and the Quest for Justice

Players pilot the Rogue Trooper to track down Justice on the planet Nu-Earth. Nu-Earth is an endless battlefield and has strategic importance due to its natural resources. The conflict between the Black and Blue armies trying to take over this planet has left the planet in ruins. Rogue Trooper struggles to protect the civilians caught in the middle of this conflict and to ensure Justice.

Players complete different missions on the planet Nu-Earth and fight against their enemies using the Rogue Trooper’s abilities. Thinking strategically, discovering the enemy’s weak points, and using the Rogue Trooper’s equipment effectively are important for survival. It is also necessary to recruit allies to support the Rogue Trooper in his mission to ensure Justice as he uncovers hidden secrets on the planet Nu-Earth.

Improved Graphics and Revamped Game Mechanics

Rogue Trooper Redux features superior graphics and advanced gameplay mechanics than the original game. High-definition visuals and completely redesigned gameplay areas provide players with a more immersive experience. Additionally, the game’s control mechanics have also been improved, providing a smoother gaming experience.

Game Features Fast paced action? Tactical strategy? Wide range of weapons and equipment options? Immersive story? Excellent graphics?

Rogue Trooper Redux offers players an immersive experience with its action-packed gameplay, rich story and eye-catching visuals. You can witness the rebirth of this legendary soldier by joining the adventure of the Rogue Trooper on the planet Nu-Earth, who undertakes the task of ensuring justice.

Rogue Trooper, one of the most iconic characters in the video game world, is back with a recent rebirth. The adventures of the legendary soldier come to life again with the newly developed Rogue Trooper Redux. In this article, we will examine the adventure of Rogue Trooper in detail and discover what the Redux version has to offer.

Resurrection of an Ancient Legend

The original Rogue Trooper game was released by Rebellion Developments in 2006 and has since been considered a cult classic. In the game, we play as a genetically modified soldier called Rogue Trooper. In the planet’s underworld, his quest is based on Justice and vengeance. Using the Rogue Trooper’s combat abilities, players navigate hostile territory filled with enemies and witness the story unfold.

Rogue Trooper offered many features that impressed players in the original game. The game fascinated many gamers with its innovative gameplay mechanics, challenging missions and impressive storytelling. Over the years, many players and critics have requested the modernization of Rogue Trooper and the release of an updated version.

Rebirth of the Legendary Soldier: Rogue Trooper Redux

Rebellion Developments listened to this demand of the players and developed the Rogue Trooper Redux version. Rogue Trooper Redux has been reimagined as a modern version of the original game, offering players the opportunity to experience the adventures of the legendary soldier with next-generation graphics and improved gameplay.

Rogue Trooper Redux preserves the game’s core story and reinvigorates it with innovative graphics technologies. In this way, players will be able to dive into Rogue Trooper’s missions on the planet Nu-Earth with more impressive graphics and reworked gameplay mechanics. The world of Rogue Trooper is presented even more realistically with redesigned environments, character models and effects.

Renewed Features and Experiences

Rogue Trooper Redux offers players a few innovations in addition to enjoying the original game. The game features improved controls for better control and a smoother gameplay experience. Additionally, you will experience the feeling of becoming a stronger and more impressive soldier thanks to the improvements made to the Rogue Trooper’s weapons and abilities.

Features of Rogue Trooper Redux: Renewed graphics and gameplay mechanics, Improved controls and smooth gameplay, Reorganized environments and character models, Improvements in Rogue Trooper’s weapons and abilities.

Rogue Trooper Redux also offers a multiplayer mode option, allowing you to play online with your friends or other Rogue Trooper fans. This will give you the opportunity to compete with your friends in action-packed multiplayer battles, as well as the legendary story you’ve experienced before.


Rogue Trooper Redux is an exciting game that heralds the rebirth of the legendary soldier. With renewed graphics, improved gameplay and better control options, it offers the opportunity to experience the fascinating story of Rogue Trooper in an even more impressive way. Rogue Trooper fans and new players alike shouldn’t miss the opportunity to join this unforgettable adventure with Rogue Trooper Redux.

Rogue Trooper Redux: Here Again After Many Years!

Rogue Trooper Redux heralds the return of Rogue Trooper, one of the legendary characters of the video game world, after many years. Following this news that excites the players, we will have the opportunity to meet again this legendary soldier who has never gotten old over the years.

Rogue Trooper appeared in 2000 AD, a science fiction comic book series originally published in February magazine in 2006. The character made a big splash at that time with its story and gameplay. Following the success of the series, the Rogue Trooper game was developed by Rebellion Developments and released for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms in 2006.

The game has an atmosphere full of action and adventure. Our main character, Rogue Trooper, is a genetically modified super soldier. On a planet where he lives alone, he has integrated the DNA of his teammates into his weapons and equipment. This gives him some extra abilities. Its aim is to fight to destroy enemy forces and take revenge by using the opportunities available in the middle of the war.

Rebirth with Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper Redux offers players an upgraded version of the graphics and gameplay from the original game. Thanks to renewed graphics and more advanced artificial intelligence, we will be able to dive deeper into the world of Rogue Trooper. Additionally, the game will include new content, missions and extra features.

This new version appeals to both players who have never played Rogue Trooper before and old fans. The original story of the game is fully preserved, but players are given more options. Different results can be achieved depending on the way the tasks are completed and the choice of equipment. This increases the replayability of the game.

Rogue Trooper Redux will also be released for next-gen consoles and PC. This will allow players to dive into the world of Rogue Trooper with higher resolution, smoother graphics and faster gaming performance. The game will also have a multiplayer mode and you will be able to play cooperatively with your friends.

Rebirth of the Legendary Soldier

Rogue Trooper Redux heralds the rebirth of this legendary soldier that has never worn off over the years. Players await in a world with undiminished action and excitement. As a partner in the adventures of the Rogue Trooper, you will find yourself in the middle of the war, get involved in heated conflicts while neutralizing your enemies one by one, and gain strategic advantages by using the DNA of your teammates.

Rogue Trooper Redux is a production designed to please both Rogue Trooper fans and new generation players. Those who played the first game will enjoy diving back into the action. New game lovers will experience adrenaline-filled moments in the unique world of Rogue Trooper.

Rogue Trooper Redux Features Platforms Release Date PlayStation 4 17 October 2017 Xbox One 17 October 2017 Nintendo Switch 17 October 2017 PC 17 October 2017

With Rogue Trooper Redux, players who will witness the return of this legendary soldier we fell in love with years ago, take part in his adventures and fight against his enemies will have an unforgettable experience. With its high-quality graphics, immersive story and action-packed gameplay, Rogue Trooper Redux will offer an unforgettable journey to science fiction and military game lovers.

Classic computer games that many of us played in our childhood have a special place in our world of nostalgia. Rogue Trooper, one of these valuable treasures of the gaming world, is preparing to return with its renewed graphics. While Rogue Trooper Redux excites game lovers, the developer team has masterfully handled all the details.

An Eye-Catching Experience with Updated Graphics

Rogue Trooper Redux preserves the story and gameplay mechanics of the original game and modernizes the graphics. The development team meticulously recreates the atmosphere of the game and the details of the characters, inviting players to a magical world.

Renewed 3D graphics make all the details of the game more impressive. Players are fully immersed in the world of Rogue Trooper as they explore various areas. Especially the improvements made in character modeling will please game lovers.

Fine-Tuned Gameplay Mechanics

Rogue Trooper Redux preserves the unique gameplay mechanics of the original game while also making some improvements. More realistic reactions of weapons, smarter moves of enemy artificial intelligence and optimization of control mechanisms allow players to adapt to the game more easily.

Action-packed missions, situations requiring tactical thinking and exciting conflict scenes become even more enjoyable with the renewed gameplay mechanics of Rogue Trooper Redux. The game offers players a breathtaking experience with its gripping story and fluid progression.

Renewed Multiplayer Mode

Rogue Trooper Redux also offers a renewed multiplayer mode of the original game. Now you can fight against enemies and carry out tactical operations simultaneously with your friends. The renewed multiplayer mode also satisfies competitive players by providing a more balanced balance.

In addition to new maps in multiplayer gameplay, some additional special abilities are also offered to players. Thanks to these abilities, you can cooperate better with your team and plan advantageous strategies to achieve victory.

Winds of Nostalgia with Rogue Trooper Redux

With its updated graphics and improved gameplay mechanics, Rogue Trooper Redux offers an experience that will satisfy both nostalgia lovers and new generation players. The game gives us a wind of nostalgia by giving us the opportunity to rediscover one of the most popular games of our childhood.

The rebirth of the legendary soldier attracts great attention from game lovers. While Rogue Trooper Redux offers an eye-catching atmosphere with its graphics, it also promises a perfect experience with its gameplay mechanics. We can’t wait to try this exciting game!

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