Too Human Game: Critical Review and Ratings

Too Human Game: Critical Review and Ratings

Too Human is a third-person action-role-playing game developed by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released for the Xbox 360 platform in 2008. In the game, which combines Norse mythology and science fiction elements, players control Baldur, a divine cyborg warrior.

Game Mechanics and Graphics

Too Human’s game mechanics are quite interesting and unusual. Players experience a fast and fluid gameplay experience. Baldur has the opportunity to improve various fighting skills, acquire new equipment and use different weapons. Additionally, the game offers players various rewards with an item drop system similar to the Diablo series. These features ensure that the game is far from boring and addictive.

In terms of graphics, Too Human meets the standards of its time. The game visually impresses players with detailed character models and environments. However, some of the games have technical flaws due to their age. Camera movements, in particular, can sometimes hinder the fluidity of the gameplay. In addition, there are frame drops and some texture problems.

Story and Character Development

The story of Too Human is a modern adaptation of Nordic mythology. Baldur is a warrior of the Aesir, protectors of humans and a group of powerful cyborgs. Throughout the story we learn more about Baldur’s identity, history, and purpose. Players follow the development of Baldur’s character as he battles his personal and universal enemies.

In terms of character development, Too Human offers players an extensive skill tree. You can personalize your play style with different fighting styles, abilities and weapon types. This ensures replayability even if the game is completed in a single attempt.

Music and Sounds

The music of the game successfully reflects the atmosphere. Epic orchestral pieces draw players into the battle, adding depth to the story. Sound design draws players into the game with effective sound effects in fights. However, the dubbing quality of the characters’ speech and dialogue was criticized by some players.

Critical Review and Ratings

Too Human managed to receive mixed reactions from critics upon its release. While some critics appreciated the game’s gripping story and innovative gameplay mechanics, others criticized technical issues and some aspects of the gameplay. Here are some critical views and ratings:

Critical View Scoring The story and mythological theme of the game are quite interesting 8/10 The graphics and character designs are detailed and impressive 7/10 The game mechanics are fluent and addictive 9/10 Technical problems and camera problems may affect the gameplay 6/10 The sound design and music create the atmosphere successfully reflects well 8/10

Considering average ratings, Too Human received generally positive reviews. The game’s immersive story, innovative game mechanics and visual elements were appreciated by the players. However, technical problems and camera movements disturbed some players. However, Too Human was noted for offering an original experience that brought together Norse mythology and science fiction themes.

Too Human is an action-role-playing game developed by Silicon Knights in 2008. While the game combines science fiction elements with Norse mythology, it also includes important elements such as storytelling and character development.

Storytelling is one of Too Human’s greatest strengths. Players control the fallen warrior Balder, set in a world full of mythological gods and mythological creatures. The story follows Balder’s development as a character caught between humanity and the gods. Since Too Human has a dark atmosphere, the narrative of the story is designed accordingly. Players explore the mythological world and progress deeper into the story while performing various tasks.

Character Development

Too Human’s character development allows players to further develop themselves in the game world. As you level up, Balder becomes stronger and learns new abilities. Players can customize their characters by collecting items and tailor them to their desired play style. Character development in the game, which also offers the opportunity to switch between different classes, is quite diverse and offers players different gaming experiences.

Criticism and Ratings

Too Human is a game that was subjected to very mixed criticism upon its release. One of the most criticized aspects of the game is its playability issues. Sometimes inadequate controls and lack of choreography can negatively affect the players’ experience. Additionally, some players think that the story of the game is complicated and has difficult to understand points. However, elements such as the various gameplay styles and character customization that Too Human offers have also received positive reactions from critics.

Criticism Score Playability issues 6/10 Complex story 7/10 Various gameplay styles 8/10 Character customization 9/10

In conclusion, Too Human is a game that stands out with its important elements such as storytelling and character development. Despite the criticism, the game’s features such as various play styles and character customization offer different experiences to players. Although the game has some technical issues, Too Human is definitely a worthy option for players who love Norse mythology and science fiction.

Too Human is an action-role-playing game developed in 2008 and published on the Xbox 360 platform. In this article, we will evaluate the graphics and visual design of the game from a critical perspective. We will also examine the game’s ratings and how it was generally received.

Graphic and Visual Design

Too Human’s graphics and visual design are one of the game’s most striking features. The game is set in a dark science fiction world, and this atmosphere fits perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the game.

The graphics stand out with their detailed environments and character models. Each of the different regions you will navigate in the game has a unique visual style and the details are carefully crafted. Additionally, the movements of the characters and the fluidity of the fight scenes also increase the quality of the graphics.

However, it can also be observed that the graphics sometimes encounter technical difficulties. Some frame rate drops may occur in intense conflict scenes with many moving characters. This can affect the fluidity of the game and may be annoying for some players. Still, overall the quality of the graphics is quite high.


Game Reviewer Score Gaming Magazine 8/10 GameSpot 7.5/10 IGN 6.8/10 Gamer’s Choice 9/10

Too Human managed to receive mixed scores among critical-based publications. The game was praised by some for its impressive visual design and fluid gameplay. Magazines such as Gaming Magazine and Gamer’s Choice positively reviewed the game’s overall experience and gave it high scores.

On the other hand, some reviews stated that the game’s storytelling was weak and that there were some technical problems. In particular, they stated that some players found the control mechanics complicated and the gameplay could be boring. For these reasons, IGN gave the game a low score.

Looking at Too Human’s scores, we can say that it is a good game overall. Every player’s preferred gaming experience is different, and so even if it is rated low by some critics, it can still offer a very enjoyable experience for some players.


Too Human is a game that attracts attention with its impressive graphics and visual design. While the dark science fiction atmosphere strengthens the aesthetics of the game, it also attracts attention with its action-packed gameplay.

Although critical reviews of the game have been mixed, we can say that it has been generally received positively. Although some technical problems and poor storytelling have been criticized, Too Human offers an enjoyable experience to game enthusiasts with its visual quality and smooth gameplay.

Overall, Too Human game offers a remarkable gaming experience with its graphics and visual design and offers players an interesting science fiction world. Although critical scores are mixed, it has a production that every gamer will evaluate depending on their own preferences.

Too Human, one of the groundbreaking productions in the gaming industry, is an action role-playing game released for Xbox 360. However, years after the game’s release, it still sparks controversy. In this article, we will evaluate the Too Human game from a critical perspective and give ratings.

Graphics and Design

Too Human offers an experience ahead of its time in terms of graphics and design. The artistic designs used in the game bring together mythological and futuristic elements, offering players an extraordinary world. The graphics of the game are very detailed and eye-catching. However, some players note that the character animations and shoulder camera cause some issues.

Gameplay and Controls

Too Human successfully combines action and RPG elements, offering players a variety of combat and abilities. The game has an impressive battle system, which takes the playability one step forward. You can also customize your character and personalize the gaming experience with a variety of weapon and skill options. However, some players have complained about the timing of responses and enemy AI being sometimes limited.

Story and Characters

Too Human presents a story based on a science fiction mythology. Players control Baldur, a godlike warrior, and try to defeat massive enemies. The game features a modern interpretation of mythological figures and the presence of extraterrestrial beings. However, some players feel that the story lacks depth and character development.

Improvement Suggestions

Too Human has faced various criticisms since its release. However, here are some suggestions for improvements that could increase the game’s potential.

Suggestion Description Better Character Animations Some character animations in the game should be fixed and made more realistic. Improved Artificial Intelligence: The artificial intelligence of enemy characters should be improved and more challenging encounters should be presented. More Depth Story Storytelling and character development should be made more impressive and draw players in more. Variety and Consistency The game should have more enemy variety and world design should be presented in a consistent manner.

Overall, Too Human stands out with its remarkable graphics, extraordinary design and impressive combat system. However, it has been subject to criticism due to some technical issues and lack of story depth. Still, it can be an interesting experience for game lovers.

Too Human is an action-role-playing game released in 2008 for Xbox 360. The game, developed by developer company Silicon Knights, aims to offer players a unique experience by combining science fiction and mythology. However, it has been considered a highly controversial game since its release.

Critical View

Too Human aims to present an interesting story and a complex universe. The game is about the war between the old gods and the human race. Players take part in this war by controlling a cyborg character named Baldur. While the story is fictionally intriguing, some critics argue that the game has serious shortcomings in storytelling and character development.

Among the biggest criticisms of the game is its gameplay mechanics. Although Too Human is a hack and slash game, the controls and combat system can be quite complex and challenging. Many players feel that the controls are cumbersome and the combat mechanics are inadequate. Commands given during battles may sometimes not be implemented as desired, which may negatively affect the playability of the game.

Regarding graphics, Too Human is a game that causes different opinions. It can be said that the game is average, but some players and critics think that the graphics are inadequate for its time. While character designs and environmental details are generally appreciated, animations and visual effects can sometimes be lacking.

Additionally, Too Human’s replayability value is a highly controversial issue. In the later stages of the game, some players may feel repetitive. Although there are many side quests in the game, their variety and depth are limited. This may reduce the replayability of the game.


Although Too Human has received various criticisms, some players and critics emphasize its uniqueness and potential. The game can offer an interesting experience with its fictional universe and story. However, it receives generally negative reviews due to its shortcomings and cumbersome gameplay mechanics.

When scoring Too Human in general, it is seen that the game receives an average score. While some critics give 5-6 points out of 10, some may give higher scores. Due to the game’s shortcomings, scoring generally remains at an average level.

Criticism Criteria Score Story 6 Gameplay Mechanics 5 Graphics 7 Replayability 6 Overall 6

Too Human is a game that comes with an interesting concept when evaluated, but cannot offer a satisfactory experience due to its shortcomings. However, the fictional universe and potential of the game may still be attractive to some players. In conclusion, Too Human should be evaluated based on gamers’ personal preferences.

Too Human is an action-role-playing game developed by Silicon Knights in 2008. The game takes place in a contemporary science fiction universe based on Norse mythology. Combining the stories and powers of the Norse gods, players embark on an epic adventure. In this article, we will take a critical look at Too Human’s gameplay mechanics and controls and score the game.

Gameplay Mechanics

Too Human is an action game played from a third-person perspective. Players control the main character Baldur, fighting enemies and solving puzzles. One of the notable features of the game is its RPG elements, where the hero has various abilities.

Each player can customize their character as they wish, choosing different classes and skill trees. This increases the replayability of the game and supports different play styles. For example, you can choose a class that focuses on attack and take out enemies with powerful attacks.

Too Human adopts “combat lock” mechanics, a targeting system frequently used in action games. This system makes it easier to select targets and allows enemies to track you even as you move. This makes the gameplay experience more dynamic and exciting.


Too Human’s controls are another important factor that makes the game comfortable and easy to play. The game was designed specifically for the Xbox 360 console and makes excellent use of the controller on that platform.

You can use the left analog stick to direct Baldur’s movement. This allows the character to move smoothly and helps you get the correct position to avoid or attack enemies. The right analog stick lets you control camera movements so you can carefully monitor your surroundings.

Game buttons are used to perform your attacks, activate defense, and use various abilities. Pressing the right buttons in sufficient time is important to defeat enemies effectively. You can also use the controls to select and change the different types of weapons featured in the game.

Critical Review and Scoring

Too Human is a game that attracts attention with its innovative gameplay mechanics and user-friendly controls. Features such as RPG elements, character customization options, and targeting system ensure the game offers depth and replayability.

However, the game’s graphics and gameplay design have led to some criticism. Some players stated that the visual effects and animations were inadequate. Additionally, the game’s story and dialogue were also criticized, as it could be shallow and predictable at times.

Overall, Too Human is a game that offers a fascinating gameplay experience, but has some shortcomings. The controls are easy to use, and the game’s RPG elements offer a depth that can keep players hooked for long periods of time. However, the graphics and story can sometimes be unsatisfactory.

Gameplay Mechanics Controls Graphics Story General Rating 8 9 6 7 7.5

With these points, we can say that Too Human is a good option. The gameplay mechanics and controls offered in the game offer players a satisfying experience. However, it is worth noting that the game is not completely perfect, due to some shortcomings of the graphics and story.

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