Too Human Game: Equipment and Item Collection Guide

Too Human Game: Equipment and Item Collection Guide

Too Human is an action role-playing game developed by Silicon Knights and published by Microsoft Game Studios in 2008. The game combines science fiction and fantasy elements, providing players with a unique experience. The unique item and equipment collection system becomes more important as the game progresses. In this guide, we will discuss in detail how you can collect equipment and items in the Too Human game.

Equipment and Their Features

There are various equipment and items in the Too Human game. Each piece of equipment gives different abilities and characteristics to the player’s character. Below is a table detailing some of the equipment types and features available in the game:

Equipment TypeAttributesWeaponsIncreases the player’s damage power and provides a variety of attack options.ArmorsIncreases the player’s durability and protects against enemy attacks.GemsSemi-precious stones add extra properties to the player’s equipment, such as giving more health or increasing energy.AccessoriesItems that enhance the player’s abilities and attributes.

How Can I Obtain Items and Equipment?

You can obtain equipment and items in different ways in the Too Human game. Here are some of them:

  • Shop: You can buy various equipment in the shops in the game. Items in the shop generally become more powerful later in the game.
  • Enemies: You can earn items and equipment by defeating enemies. Enemies will often have certain equipment or items that you can obtain by defeating them.
  • Planets: There are many explorable planets in the game, and you can obtain items and equipment by completing different missions on these planets.
  • Boxes: You can find items and equipment by opening boxes in the game world. While these boxes rarely offer large rewards, they can sometimes contain powerful items in unexpected ways.

Upgrading Equipment

You can improve the equipment you obtain and make it stronger. The in-game development system allows you to add extra features to items. For this you can follow the steps below:

  1. You can strengthen the equipment by charging it with a certain amount of energy. Energy increases the damage power of equipment and enhances its special abilities.
  2. You can add stones to equipment as above. This increases the equipment’s existing features or adds new features.
  3. You can obtain more powerful equipment by combining some items. Combining combines the properties of items and provides more advantages.

Upgrading your equipment is important to be able to deal with stronger enemies later in the game. More powerful equipment increases your character’s abilities and gives you an advantage.

Too Human game offers a gaming experience that attracts players with its mechanics of collecting equipment and items. Using this guide, you have learned how to collect and improve your equipment. Now, using this information, you can be prepared to become stronger in the game and defeat tough enemies!

Too Human is an action and role-playing game that attracts great attention from game lovers. This game, which fascinates players with its unique features and detailed equipment system, offers players the opportunity to collect many different items and equipment.

Collecting Items and Equipment

You have an impressive character development system in Too Human. You must collect various items and equipment to strengthen your character and make it more capable. These items include weapons, armor, jewelry, and various other accessories.

You must explore different areas to collect items and equipment. By exploring the game, you can complete new tasks and earn rewards. These rewards include stronger weapons and more durable armor. You also have the chance to obtain items and equipment by defeating enemies.

Item and Equipment Features

Remember that the items you collect in Too Human have different properties. Items’ power levels, special abilities and durability values ​​may vary. Therefore, you should choose and use the most suitable items to better develop your character.

Weapons are of great importance. You must choose the appropriate weapons to neutralize your opponents and progress faster. You can choose between different types of weapons, such as sniper rifles, machine guns, swords and hammers. Remember that each weapon has its own unique playstyle.

Armors play an important role in protecting your character from enemy attacks. Different types of armor include light armor, medium armor, and heavy armor. You should choose the most suitable one by paying attention to the durability values ​​and special abilities of the armor.

Jewelry allows you to equip your character with extra abilities. For example, you can use a speed-enhancing ring or a health-regenerating necklace. Using charms correctly can greatly increase your character’s combat capabilities.

Upgrading Items and Equipment

As a player, you can use different methods to strengthen the items and equipment you collect. Some items drop from your enemies, while others can be obtained by completing missions. You can also buy items from merchants you encounter in the game world.

There are various materials you can use to enhance items. You can obtain these materials by defeating enemies or from resources you can find in the game world. Upgrading your items increases their strength and durability and makes your character stronger.


Too Human is a game that is appreciated by game lovers with its ability to collect items and equipment. You can collect powerful items and equipment by exploring different areas, defeating enemies and completing missions. By choosing and developing the right items, you can make your character stronger and have an exciting gaming experience.

Too Human is an action-adventure game that offers a unique RPG gaming experience. One of the most important elements of this game is collecting equipment and items. Strategies for changing and managing equipment allow players to strengthen their characters and help the game progress more easily. In this article, we will discuss in detail the strategies that will enable you to be successful in collecting equipment and items in the Too Human game.

Tips for Gathering Equipment and Items

1. Analyze Equipment Features

You can find various equipment in the Too Human game. Different types of equipment are available, such as hats, breastplates, gloves, belts and boots. Each item may have different properties. It is important to first determine the strengths and weaknesses of your character by analyzing the properties of the items. For example, if you have a defensive character, you should choose items that offer high armor value or durability.

2. Change Items Frequently

It is important to change your items regularly in Too Human. Replacing old items with stronger ones will increase your character’s strength and enable you to defeat tougher enemies. After collecting the items, you need to take time to analyze and evaluate them in a workshop. This way, you can choose the items that best suit your character.

3. Assemble Set Items

In the Too Human game, there are sets created by combining different items. When set items are combined together, they give your character special bonuses. For example, a set item can give you bonus health or increase your attack power. Once you collect set items, assemble and use them as quickly as possible. In this way, your character will be stronger and you will be able to fight against enemies more effectively.

4. Stealing Items from Enemies

Collecting items dropped from enemies in the game is also a way to strengthen your character. Some enemies in the game carry valuable items that you can use. It is possible to steal items from enemies by neutralizing them during the battle. Remember, enemies can always be strong, so be careful and plan your attack strategically.

Item Management Strategies

1. Sort Things into Categories

You can collect various items in the Too Human game. It’s important to organize items into categories to manage them and make them easy to find. For example, you can place hats in one category and breastplates in another. This way, it will be easier to find the items you need and your gameplay will be smoother.

2. Store Items in Storage

In the Too Human game, there is a special area to store your excess items. Using this storage area regularly will help you store your belongings and review them regularly. A better strategy may be to keep your belongings in storage instead of carrying them with you only when you will use them.

3. You Can Sell Items

In Too Human, you can sell unnecessary or unused items. You can earn in-game money by taking the items you want to sell to a specific merchant. This way, you can accumulate the resources needed to buy more valuable items. However, make sure that the item you are considering selling is not something you actually need.

Table of Equipment Replacement and Management Strategies

Strategy Description Analyze item properties Determine your character’s strengths and weaknesses by examining the properties of items. Replace items frequently. Strengthen your character by replacing old items with stronger ones. Combine set items Get set bonuses and strengthen your character by combining different items. Stealing items from enemies. Neutralize enemies, steal their items and strengthen your character. Divide items into categories Manage items in an organized manner and easily access your needs by dividing them into categories. Store items in storage area Use storage space regularly to store excess items and review them regularly. You can sell items. You can earn in-game money by selling items you no longer use or need.

Strategies for changing and managing equipment in Too Human will make your character stronger and help you fight tough enemies more effectively. Changing and managing your items regularly is important to maximize your character’s potential. Using these strategies, you can embark on a successful adventure in the world of Too Human and become a powerful hero!

Too Human is a fantasy action role-playing game. It is very important to collect powerful equipment and items as you progress through the game, fighting against the tough enemies your heroes may encounter. In this guide, you will learn how to find the best equipment in Too Human.

Importance of Equipment and Items

Too Human is a game where your character has a specific class. During battle, you need to collect the highest quality equipment and items to increase your character’s abilities and strength. Additionally, equipment dropped from enemies may belong to the same class as you, which will make you stronger.

Equipment can be of different types and powers in the game. Different equipment such as weapons, armor, jewelry, and other accessories can strengthen your character in different ways. Besides these, the powers and properties of the items are also important to complete your equipment.

Ways to Find Equipment

There are several methods to find the best equipment in Too Human. Some of these are those:

  • 1. Destroying Enemies: By killing your enemies, you can drop equipment from them. Large and powerful enemies tend to drop higher quality items. By trying different enemy types, you can increase your chances of finding better equipment.
  • 2. Completing Quests: In Too Human, quests provide you with special rewards and equipment. By completing missions, you can obtain more powerful equipment.
  • 3. Visiting Stores: There are some stores in the game. In these stores, you can buy equipment using your money. By visiting stores regularly, you can find equipment that suits your needs.
  • 4. Shopping from Friends: Too Human is a multiplayer game and you can team up with your friends. You can complete the missing equipment by exchanging items with your friends.
  • 5. Using Development and Search Skills: You can use the skill tree to develop your character in the game. By improving equipment search abilities, you can gain access to better equipment.

Evaluating Equipment in-Game

It is important to evaluate the equipment you find in Too Human. Equipment should suit your character’s abilities and play style. Here are some tips for evaluating equipment:

  • 1. Power and Abilities: Evaluate the power and capabilities of the equipment. Pay attention to how it strengthens your character and affects your combat skills.
  • 2. Type and Class: Equipment must be in the classes belonging to your character. By paying attention to class compatibility, you can fight more effectively.
  • 3. Properties of the Items: Items may have different properties. For example, an armor may provide resistance to fire damage, or a weapon may deal more damage. Evaluate the features and choose the most suitable equipment to complement your character.
  • 4. Set Equipment: Some items in the game can provide set bonuses when combined. You can further strengthen your character by searching for set equipment.

Equipment Type Features Advantages Weapons Different damage types, attack speed and hitting power Ability to defeat enemies effectively Armors Different resistance types and defense values ​​Survive by taking less damage Jewelry and Accessories Special abilities and power increases Improving combat skills

In Too Human, it is possible to survive and achieve victory against tougher enemies by strengthening your character with the best equipment. Using the methods mentioned above, you can find the best equipment and improve your character. Now you’re ready to embark on challenging adventures!

One of the most exciting moments in the gaming world is improving and upgrading your character’s items. It is of great importance to both strengthen your equipment to fight stronger enemies and upgrade your items to gain new features and abilities. Because your items provide you with great advantages as the game progresses. Let’s take a look at the methods you can apply to improve yourself.

1. Collect Items from Enemies

When playing a game like Too Human, items will drop from your enemies. You can improve your equipment by collecting these items. However, items dropped from enemies are usually at a standard level. In the following stages, you will have to fight stronger enemies and collect the items dropped from them in order to obtain more advanced items. When collecting items, you should pay attention to their features. You should act according to which features will give you more advantage.

2. Transform Items

You can transform items to improve their properties. For this, you need to take advantage of the conversion tools provided by the game. You can use these tools to add the feature you want to your item or upgrade existing features. However, the conversion process will require a cost, so you should think carefully when making your decision. You should consider which feature your item will affect and how much it will affect you and how much you will have to pay for it.

3. Collect Item Parts

In the later stages of the game, item pieces will drop from your enemies. These item parts are necessary for you to make stronger items. As you acquire the materials needed to collect and combine these pieces, you will have more options to upgrade your items. You can both collect item parts from enemies and obtain them as a result of some missions and events. You should strive to collect these pieces at every opportunity.

4. Trade

A game like Too Human also offers the opportunity to trade. You can improve your character by exchanging items with other players or by selling your items and buying better equipment. There are a few points you should pay attention to when trading. First of all, you should choose the players you will trade carefully. Trading with trustworthy people will protect you against fraudulent transactions. In addition, it is important to know the value of goods well and to be able to bargain. You don’t want to sell your valuables cheaply or buy expensive items in exchange for worthless items.

5. Choose Items According to Your Skills

When choosing your items, it is important to consider your character’s abilities. You must decide what type of weapons you will use and what abilities you will develop and choose appropriate items. For example, if you are a warrior character, you should prefer heavier weapons and durable armor. If you are a mage character, it would make sense to choose items that will increase your magic power. This way, you can better use your character’s strengths and cope with the challenges of the game.


When playing a game like Too Human, improving and upgrading your items will make your character stronger and make your gaming experience more exciting. You can further develop your character by collecting items from enemies, transforming items, collecting item parts, trading and choosing items according to your skills. Remember, each item will give you a new ability or feature and will give you great advantages as the game progresses.

Too Human is a video game published by Microsoft in 2008 and is a notable example of the RPG genre. In the game, players control a powerful hero and collect items and equipment while fighting enemies. In this guide, we will discuss in detail what you should pay attention to when collecting equipment and items in the game.

Equipment Types

There are many different types of equipment in Too Human. Each has different features and it is important for players to choose the ones that suit their playstyle and class selection. Here are the main types of equipment available in the game:

  • Weapons: The game features a variety of weapons, such as swords, spears, rifles and pistols. Which weapon you choose directly affects your attack power and play style.
  • Armor: Armors are used to increase your character’s defensive abilities. Different types of armor have different resistance values ​​and protect your character in battles.
  • Charms: Charms provide various bonuses to your character. For example, emerald rings increase the energy recharge speed, while topaz necklaces increase your attack power.

Item Quality

In Too Human, items have different quality levels. Quality level shows how good the features of an item are. Here are the item quality levels in the game:

Quality Level Description Normal (White) The lowest quality level. Its features are lower than other levels. Good (Blue) A little better. It may have extra features. Superior (Yellow) It has much better features. Players often prefer these items. Legendary (Purple) The highest quality level. It is very rare and has amazing properties.

Item Healing

In Too Human, players can improve the items they own and make them more powerful. Here are a few ways to do this:

  • Reinforcement Stones: You can strengthen your items with reinforcement stones. Each reinforcement stone increases a specific attribute or adds a new attribute.
  • Upgrade Stations: Upgrade stations are used to make your items even stronger. At these stations, you can upgrade your items, add new features, and even increase their quality level.
  • Crafting and Collecting Materials: In the game, you can produce new items and collect materials. You can make stronger items using these materials.

Inventory Management

At Too Human, inventory management is of great importance. Because you have limited space and you must fit the items you collect into this space. Here are some tips for inventory management:

  • Organize your inventory frequently and throw away unnecessary items. Keep only the items you need.
  • Divide your inventory into sets. For example, one set may contain only offensive items, while the other set may contain defensive items.
  • Upgrade and expand your inventory regularly. A larger inventory allows you to carry more items.


Collecting items and equipment in Too Human is an important part of strengthening your character. Choosing the right items, improving them, and keeping your inventory organized are essential to a successful gaming experience. By following the tips mentioned in this guide, you can maximize your character’s power and gain superiority over enemies.

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